Consumer Confidence Report 2022 – (PDF File)

To apply for utilities, please complete the utility application form and bring into the office along with a photo I.D.

Utility Billing & Procedure

All bills not paid by the 12th of the month will be considered delinquent and be subject to a 10% penalty compounded monthly on total bill. Service will be terminated 10 days from the date of termination notification sent to a delinquent consumer. Water Department personnel assigned to disconnect service will not accept payments. Delinquent payments must be made at the Village office in accordance with this section, paragraph 7. No delinquent account shall be allowed to continue after 30 days from the original billing date unless it is determined to be a hardship case and approved by the Village Administrator.

Water and Sewer Rates

Your bill is calculated based off of your water usage.

Water and Sewer Rate Table 2023 – (PDF File)

For any other questions on utility services please see our Rules & Regulations