Please print, fill, and submit the following application to our office located at 406 E. Main St. Elida, OH 45807 | Village of Elida Employment Application

Active Job Posting: Wastewater Superintendent

A. RESPONSIBLE TO: Village Administrator
B. GENERAL DUTIES: To meet the needs of the Village in maintaining the
wastewater system and coordinating those activities with other departments
to assure maximum results. To assist in the planning of future upgrading and
development of the wastewater system. To work cooperatively with all other
Village departments.


  1. Possess a State of Ohio CDL license.
  2. Possess at minimum a Class II State of Ohio Wastewater Plant
    Operator’s license with the ability to obtain a Class III, if needed.
  3. Ability to understand the basics of the wastewater system.
  4. Ability to operate and/or install all equipment necessary for the
    wastewater system.
  5. Ability to work with other political subdivisions cooperatively.
  6. Ability to perform routine maintenance at wastewater treatment
    facility, lift station, and wastewater collection systems.
  7. Ability to follow directions and be a team player.
  8. Ability to be pleasant and work with community residents.
  9. Run daily samples on all tanks.
  10. Pull sludge daily.
  11. Inspect wastewater treatment facility daily, and provide any routine
    maintenance necessary.
  12. Inspect detention pond periodically every day to assure proper
    operation and provide any routine maintenance.
  13. Inspect Village lift station daily and complete all routine maintenance
  14. Maintain an accurate inventory of supplies and materials to provide
    routine maintenance when needed.
  15. Check chemicals to insure they are being properly administered and
    that we have an adequate supply.
  16. Set up and take off samples using the Village wastewater treatment
    lab to assure quality assurance and compliance with EPA wastewater
    quality standards contained in the Village of Elida permit.
  17. Submit all reports required by governmental agencies having jurisdiction
    over wastewater facilities.
  18. Inspect, repair, and maintain wastewater collection system including
    cleaning sewers, eliminating inflow infiltration and any other tasks
    necessary to insure the proper operation of the collection system.
  19. Maintain wastewater treatment plant and grounds; cleaning, mowing,
    clearing, and keeping policed.
  20. Assist in preventative maintenance on all equipment and vehicles.
  21. Provide inspection for Village sewer taps.
  22. Supervise and coordinate all activities in the wastewater treatment
    and collection system.
  23. Keep accurate records and maintain files on all activities pertinent to
    the wastewater department.
  24. Any other duties assigned by the Village Administrator.