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Frequently Asked Questions

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You’ll need a permit for things such as fences, patios, pools, home additions, sidewalks, storage sheds, signs and so on. You can download a permit on our permits and forms page.

Fences in rear and side yards cannot exceed 6 feet in height. Fences must be constructed in such a way as to not go past the front wall of a residential structure. On corner lots and front yards, fences, walls or hedges that obstruct visibility may not exceed 2½ feet in height.

For more information

Sign up can be completed at the village office.

Are you new in town or getting ready to make the move? Find helpful resources in our guide, Moving to Our Community.

A form is to be completed listing the dates your home will be unoccupied, any expected visitors, and contact information in the event the homeowner needs to be notified.

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