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Bill Pay

Here are the various payment options available:


1). You may pay your water/sewer bill online through NextBillPay. NextBillPay offers a customer portal which allows customers to easily manage their utility accounts, monitor usage, view bills and enroll in Autopay or Text to Pay. (When creating an account you will need to put the dash in when putting in your account number). PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There will be no change for our current ACH customers unless you want to sign up for a portal account. If you are currently on ACH withdraw and want to create a portal account and use the Autopay through NextBIllPay, please contact our office so we can remove you from the current ACH payment process at 419-339-2811. (PLEASE NOTE, THERE IS A FEE IF YOU USE A CREDIT CARD FOR PAYMENTS. ACH PAYMENTS AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE).

2). You can also pay by credit card, fee applies, or setup an account to pay by ACH Payments using Doxo, which does not charge to use ACH service.

There is no limit on the dollar amount for these transactions.

The most inexpensive and convenient way to pay your water/sewer bill is by AUTOPAY, the Village of Elida’s Electronic Fund Transfer service. AUTOPAY is an automated bank debiting service that allows you to pay your water/sewer bill automatically from your checking or savings account.

You may still receive a bill in the mail, however your payment will be automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account. To initiate this service you must complete an Automatic Payment Application and attach a “voided” check or an official bank document such as a bank card.

There is no charge to pay by AUTOPAY. With AUTOPAY, you do not need to drop off a payment or mail a payment. As long as you have money in your bank account to cover your water/sewer bill, your payment is guaranteed to be made on-time, eliminating late-fees.

Pay by Phone

You may pay your utility bill by phone with a credit card.

Call 1-888-571-1021

The provider of this service, NextBillPay, collects a convenience fee to use this service.   

There is no limit on the dollar amount for these transactions.

You may also make an online payment directly through your bank. There is no cost for this service.
Please make sure to use the correct Village of Elida Utility account number when making the payment. Also, note your bank will send a physical check, so please allow plenty of time for the payment to reach us to avoid late fees.

Water/Sewer bills may be paid in person at the Elida Town Hall Building – 406 E. Main Street, Elida, OH 45807 We accept cash, personal checks and money orders.  Visa and Mastercard payments are accepted, and a convenience fee will be charged for this service.

You may also use the Drop Box located on the east side of the Elida Town Hall Building available 24 hours per day. Payments deposited are processed the morning of the next business day.

Your utility bill may be paid by mail. Simply detach the bottom portion of your utility bill and mail with a check or money order in the return envelope sent with your bill. Please do not send cash in the mail.

Mail your payment to:

Village of Elida
406 E. Main St.
Elida, OH 45807

Elida Town Hall

406 E. Main St., Elida, OH 45807

Office Hours

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Village of Elida
406 E. Main Street
Elida, OH 45807

Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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